Three – WAY!

Three.js enjoys continued popularity. Last night we held a WebGL Meetup Featuring Three.js. It was very well attended (I’d say 40 or so) and there were several amazing demos, including an Open Street Maps mashup that showed San Francisco bike routes with elevation (tres important), a new round of awesome and inspiring data visualizations by Theo Armour, a solar system simulation based on real, current data including satellites, and a working, in-production collaborative design system by Someone has even ported Three.js to the new Dart language in a project called Three.dart. All demos were written in Three.js and the presenters had nothing but good to say about the open-source library.

I’ve made no secret that I think Three.js has its limitations. It’s not a game engine (though people are starting to talk about writing game engines on Three.js) and IMO I think it could use a lot of optimization and feature work. Still, I believe it’s a great place to get started with WebGL development. And it appears to be getting a lot of mileage, if last night’s meetup is any indication. Check it out.

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