Web3D: The Next Generation

I believe the children are our future…

Last week I had the good fortune of speaking to a group of Carnegie Mellon students at the Entertainment Technology Center. ETC is a satellite program hosted at EA’s main offices in Redwood Shores, run by the legendary Carl Rosendahl of Antz and Shrek fame. Carl and his partner Jiyoung Lee have created a wonderful program with a gifted group of master’s students building interactive media and games.

I presented a crash course in WebGL, my typical fare of late, crammed into ninety minutes with too many demos. The talk was lively and interactive with a lot of Q&A. The students even sent me a list of interview questions beforehand; you can see the interview here and a student writeup here.

Overall, it was a great experience. What I think I loved most about it was that I was in a hater-free zone. Believe it or not, in 2013, I still run into the occasional pinhead who asks “Why would I need 3D?” These days I am able to promptly tag them as a 3tard and move on, but every once in a while it gets under my skin. So it was really refreshing to hang out with a few dozen twenty-somethings for whom this is not a question. It never comes up. These kids just get it. They’re ready to make stuff with WebGL already and are just looking for the best way to get going.It heartens me to know that I was in the presence of the multimedia developers of tomorrow.

Teach them well and let them lead the way!

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