I am an entrepreneur, career CTO and software architect developing virtual reality, web and mobile media applications, social games, and virtual worlds. I have started and sold a few companies; I like doing that. I currently run platform products for WEVR,a virtual reality community and VR media player for aspiring and professional creatives.

My latest areas of interest are virtual reality, WebGL and WebVR. 3D rendering is finally in the browser,  and I believe it will unleash a democratization of 3D development, especially for games but also for a wide variety of other applications. I co-chair the San Francisco WebGL Meetup. If I’m not mistaken, we are the largest dedicated Meetup group for WebGL development on planet Earth. I also recently founded the San Francisco WebVR Meetup, dedicated to bringing virtual reality to the browser.

A while back I co-created VRML, the first standard for 3D on the web, and its descendant X3D. I am currently the specification co-editor of glTF, a Khronos Group project to develop a new, WebGL and OpenGL ES-friendly standard format for delivering 3D content to web and mobile applications.

I love VR, I love the web, and I can’t get 3D out of my blood. I hope this will continue to pay off for me, personally and professionally.

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  1. Tony, I really think WebGL gives browsers a true promotion. However a lot of people today express security concern that browsers grant online code direct access to hardware. What’s your comment on this?

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